Imre Bihari (Hungary)

Dr. Imre Bihari

Vascular Surgeon since 1987.  Worked as an associate professor at the HIETE University Budapest, Hungary until 2006.

  • Founding Editor of “The Hungarian Journal of Vascular Diseases” – the bulletin of the Hungarian Society for Angiology and Vascular Surgery, and Invasive Vascular Radiology since 1994.
  • Leader of the Hungarian Venous Forum, which he founded in 1997.
  • Organiser of several International Phlebological Conferences in Budapest.
  • Written publications: 171. Among other topics he introduced the usage of foam sclerotherapy, laser crossectomy and studied different glues in Hungary. He demonstrated that varicectomy is often possible in the absence of patent deep veins, even in congenital cases, contrary to the prevalent view. He histologically proved arterio-venous shunts in the pathogenesis of some common spider veins.